“Instructional design should be part of a basis workshop set for all producers of educational material, from content leads and specialists to visual and media production. 

There is particular relevance in terms of our businesses’ lifecycle product creation by implementing functional instructional methodologies. Due to the demand for digital educational material our formulation of content is also evolving. As interaction with digital ‘screen’ delivered material differs enormously from hardcopy ‘print’ products this course hones in on the need for functional formulation of appropriate content and layout thereof. We learnt of the importance of making use of the most apt graphics and types of interactive gadgets as a key elements to attract and entice certain parts of the brain.

This course was presented in a well structured and engaging manner with high interactive participation. Our presenter, Eva, was clear and concise in her presentation style, she also ensured that all attendees were ‘on the same page’. She patiently listened and assessed questions with thoughtful responses. The structure of the material was relevant and interesting without being overly academic. We worked through examples and physically assessed existing products which assisted in imprinting the fundamentals of instructional design. The content of the course is well ‘chunked’ as not to overload our learning of these principles.”
— Lisa Le Breton, Pearson South Africa’s Media Producer

“The modules of this course was structured in a way that at the end it was if the whole puzzle fit together. I can now look forward to keeping my participants more motivated and inspired during my sessions.”
Cedric Marajh, ICT Capacity Building Officer, Centre for e-Innovation DGITO: Education, Cultural Affairs & Sport | Dept of the Premier Western Cape Government

“We derived a lot of value from the Instructional Design courses, as you stretched minds to think outside the box and challenged our perceptions of e-learning content development and delivery, with a view of moving away from ‘Text behind glass’ to a more integrated approach. You have equipped us with a suitcase of tools to start critically analysing the way in which we deliver online training that is meaningful, engaging and motivating for the online training recipient.”
— Ronwynne Rhoda, Project Manager: ICT Training Unit (Ce-I), DGITO: Education, Cultural Affairs & Sport, Dept. of the Premier, Western Cape Government

“Eva’s Instructional Design Training workshops are highly relevant to any professional creating educational materials for digital users. Her tailor-made workshops provides one with a wealth of information regarding effective methods for digital learning. Eva practises what she preaches  – one is captivated whilst being educated. She embeds the theoretical learning through practical exercises and by investigating existing online products. Her workshops boosts the professional’s confidence to create engaging multi-media learning materials that effectively teaches what is required. I highly recommend these fun, functional workshops.”
— Alae Newington (Pearson South Africa Media Producer)

“These instructional methods will be a major contribution to the successful implementation of eLearning in the province.”
— Warren Handel, Centre for e-Innovation, Dept of the Premier Western Cape Government

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the Instructional Design sessions hosted by Alchemy360. The course brings together a wonderful balance of theoretical training as well as practical exercises and examples. We have received insight into how people of differing ages learn as well as the steps to ensure that we engage our students on all levels.

Eva is highly knowledgeable on this subject and is such a wonderful and engaging instructor. She knows how to connect with the audience on an emotional level and showcases ways in which you can do the same through the design of your content. The main facet that I’ve taken from this is that when we are mentally engaged then we learn and remember far more successfully.”
— Candice Gemmell (Pearson South Africa’s Visual Design Lead

“… many thanks for the excellent Instructional Design course. It really opened my eyes for the correct ways of approaching adult learners in the e-learning field. The many examples let one realize how easily an e-learning course can become “text behind glass” and that it cannot keep the attention of the learner.”
— Thea Victor, CBO: ICT Training Unit (Ce-I), Dept of the Premier Western Cape Government

“The presentation is practical, applied, and planned meticulously for an exceptional and rewarding learning experience. I try never to miss a training session presented by Eva, because I never leave without learning so much that I can apply in my everyday work.”
— Liezl Kruger, Multimedia Developer, Academic Support Services, North West University (Potchefstroom)

“Extremely useful & thoroughly enjoyable!”
— Altus le Roux, Project Manager, Media Hub

— M. Maartens, Project Assistant Learning Resources Pearson SA

“We are learning a lot!”
— Liesbeth van Wyk, Head: Higher Education (Learning Resources) Pearson