Writing for eLearning – Motivating Online Learners

Category: e-Learning Tools | Prerequisite/s: None

Course Overview

Learn to adapt your writing style to both motivate and support learning on line, using strategies
that include story, characters, dilemma, humour and more.

Learn internationally-recognised principles for multimedia learning to prepare learners for the main or important concepts to come, reduce clutter and redundancy, keep the on-screen text close to and relevant to the associated visuals.

Understand the impact and importance of segmenting on-screen text for animation and videos and how to create conceptually meaningful chunks to minimise overload.

Learn how and when to use signalling to present on-screen text with narration. Learn to write texts for online examples (distributed, step-by-step), practice problems (on-screen text for directions, writing online instructions, while maintaining clutter-free delivery) and, finally, how to write online feedback.

  • Duration: 12 – 15 hours
  • Group training: Yes (min. 3 people)
  • Individual training: No
  • Costs available on request and dependent on group size.
  • Training available on-site, in all regions.

Course-ware development, Graphic Design, Educational technologists, HR and training, Lecturers, Trainers and Authors


  • 12 – 15 hours of instructor-led classroom-based content.
  • Workshop includes online examples, case-studies and research-based evidence.
  • Information packed practical training starting from basics to advanced techniques.
  • No prior courses or experience necessary.
  • Practical tasks and discussions in every session.

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